Twenty-six Fort safespace / by Emily Klass

A place for sensoral healing composed of several individual projects

  1. Ghillie blind/tent: A place to disappear into my imagined landscapes
    Ghillie Suits green beret
    Ghillie suits
    Nick Cave soundsuit
    changing environments require changing camoflauge

  2. Relates to constructed bulky woven rugs

  3. Grass house/tent/inverted universe: A wall of grass inspired by repeating dreams in which I use dried grass to climb to safety

  4. We’re ok now: sound piece, played with focused direction, repeated, mantra, looses meaning; Creepy or comforting? Is this played through a horseshoe crab?

  5. Reliquary: a container for holy relics; a container for fertility drugs
    paper, wood, cardboard, copper, salt, dirt, mesh?
    Jamestown reliquary with bones and ampules

  6. Lights: uv in blue or violet; sun lamp

  7. A hug machine and Temple Grandin
    sensory therepy
    sensory therepy

  8. The smell of dirt, the color of red rock

National Geographic article killing them softly


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