I create abstract landscape paintings which explore connectivity to and within our surroundings. My process is a fluid, organic conversation between the canvas and myself. It is a meditation of movement, color and form. My work is intuitive, beginning with blended fields of color that create atmospheric environments. Emerging images are shaped by childhood memories and anxieties surrounding political and environmental concerns.

Growing up in the deserts and mountains of Utah imparted upon me a love of wild spaces and a deep awareness of their importance. As the results of climate change increase in intensity and frequency, my work serves as a way to memorialize these environments while imagining future landscapes with increasing temperatures, rising sea levels and disruptive natural events.

Formal components in my work are inspired from the natural world: cosmic, desert and marine landscapes, undulating clouds or the sea during a storm. Concepts are informed from the Anthropocene: the intersection of man and nature, evolution and the passing of time, the rise and fall of civilizations, connectivity and technology. Through the fluid and free process of mapping these landscapes I explore memory, connection and isolation, the fragility and perseverance of life, the tension between growth and consistency, comfort and freedom, the space between you and me.