twelve / by Emily Klass

From Barbara:
”Who are my influences?

Who do I make work for?  Who is my audience?

The role of the artist is to dive into their innermost being and relate to the divine with in them and then move back into the material world and make things that reflect and relate to this. (Patti Smith)

Ideally, what we develop in the student is neither knowledge nor technique but an attitude that seems compounded of humility and confidence; this comes from being at the center of something, and the sense of being at the center of something comes from trying to do that something, trying to know it rather than know about it; the attitude also has a touch of gaiety, or anyhow does not confuse seriousness with a church-going expression.  (Howard Nemerov)

No matter what you do, whether you project less or more of your personality, it seems to come out like something you would do. It’s a funny thing about it, isn’t it?”  (Vija Celmins)”

ostrich-ing vs tackling

ostrich-ing vs tackling