Five / by Emily Klass

Working with light and smell and sound

A sculpture of flourescents, like a christmas tree or crystal pod, the smell of wet dirt, of cool air and moss covered cardboard

Charline von Heyl at Petzel, 456 W 18
Ralph Humphrey at Garth Greenan, 545 W 20
James Hayward at Miles McEnery 525 W 22
Barbara Takenaga at DC Moore, 535 W 22
Luis Zerbini at Sikkema Jenkins, 530 W 22
Landon Matz at Sean Kelly, 475 10th Ave.
Anthony Pearson at at Marion Boesky, 509 W 24
Dashiell Manley at Marion Boesky, 509 W 24
John Wesley at Fredericks and Freiser, 536 W 24
John Goodyear at Berry Campbell, 530 W 24
Joan Mitchell at Cheim and Read, 547 W 25
Kathy Butterly at James Cohan, 533 W 26
Tamiko Kawata at Garvey Simon, 547 W 27
Felipe Patone at Joshua Liner, 540 W 28
Trudy Benson at Lyles and King, 106 Forsyth St.
Katja Lojer at C24

objectification/self-objectification in art
the feminine gaze
the female body in art